Jennifer Hendrickson Doula Services

The beauty and power of birth comes from within.

I am currently only taking birth doula clients with due dates in July and August 2022.  I have some limited availability for postpartum doula clients looking for overnight and weekend support.

Doula Services:

Labor Doula Services: $1000

2 prenatal visits to discuss your birth options and philosophy, labor positions, and comfort measures

Birth Plan Assistance

Unlimited prenatal support via email and phone

On-Call 24/7 from the 2 weeks prior to your estimated due date until birth

Continuous support for your labor and birth

Support in the immediate postpartum period (usually 1-2 hours)

One optional postpartum visit to discuss your birth, newborn care, and postpartum recovery

Back up doula available in case of emergencies

Postpartum Doula Services: $35/Hour minimum of 3 hours per shift.

Daytime or overnight support including infant feeding support, newborn care, meal prep, light housekeeping, nursery organization, promoting self care, helping siblings to adjust to new baby, pet/baby safety tips, providing evidence based information and support for the postpartum period.

Benefits of Hiring a Doula:

* 50% reduction in cesarean rates

* 40% reduction in vacuum assisted deliveries

* 25% shorter labors

* 60% reduction in epidural requests

* 40% reduction in forceps delivery

* 40% reduction in oxytocin (Pitocin) to speed up labor

* 30% reduction in mothers request for pain medication

Source: Mother the Mother:How a Doula Can Help You Have A Shorter, Easier, and Healthier Birth. Klaus, Kennell, and Klaus

How Can a Doula Help Your Partner?

*A doula can guide you in applying what you learned in childbirth classes.

*A doula can take over for you so that you can get a meal, a quick nap, or make a few phone calls. Or they can make those phone calls for you.

*A doula can bring the birthing person beverages, hot packs, or ice, so that you do not have to leave their side to do so.

*A doula can help you understand what the birthing person might be feeling as well as interpret the signs of labor progress to you.

*A doula can help you to participate more comfortably if you are unsure of how to help.

*A doula can teach you massage and relaxation techniques and trade off implementing them in a long or challenging labor.

*A doula can take photos of the final moments of the birth so you can stay connected and not miss out on the most intimate moments of your child's birth.


"Jennifer was a wonderful, wonderful doula for us when we were having our second child, Eilliot. She was warm, caring, and really knew her stuff. During the birth, she really knew when to step in and help when help was needed and also knew when to step back and let us do our thing. We couldn't recommend Jennifer more highly. Whoever gets her next will be very lucky indeed!" ~Brian and Nancy

"Jennifer was very supportive and calming in trying to keep me focused. I would highly recommend her to anyone that would want the great birth experience I had." ~ Nicole

"My wife and I were so happy to have Jennifer as our doula - especially for her help with our first child's birth. She was there with us throughout the journey of pregnancy, giving us great advice and confidence to be well prepared for childbirth. When it came to the actual childbirth, she really was a stabilizing and confidence inspiring force. My wife did not have an easy labor - she was in the hospital for 19 hours prior to finally birthing our daughter. Jennifer was with us the entire time." ~Christian

"Jennifer was amazing! She helped us very much. She reminded me to walk, breathe, and relax. I am so glad she was at our son's birth! I loved the letter she wrote to our son about his birth story." ~ Diana

"Jennifer was awesome! She was a very reassuring presence in a very hurried labor/delivery. When my doctor mentioned the potential need for a c-section due to prolonged pushing, Jennifer suggested using the rebozo while lying on my side. It was just what I needed to get the baby out!" ~Elizabeth